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The Grinduro is exactly what the name suggests: Gravelracing combined with the enduro format known from mountain biking. In concrete terms, this means that a long lap is ridden in which the end times are not based on the total time, but on four or five defined time sections of about five to seven minutes each.


The course is a serious affair, but the Grinduro is not meant to be a festival of suffering. We have connected some of our favourite roads and trails. A lot of fun awaits you!


But Grinduro is not just a bike race. It is a celebration of cycling, where fun is as important as cycling. Excellent food, an impressive art exhibition, live music, camping and a great festival atmosphere – all this is Grinduro!

26. – 28. June 2020: Grinduro Lenzerheide


Friday afternoon the prologue takes place as a warm-up. A short round around the event area on asphalt, gravel and dirt in time trial format serves as qualification – the fastest round counts. The best 16 women and 32 men qualify for the final runs in the Eliminator format with 8 riders per run.


If you are not yet ready for the big round but still want to have the whole Grinduro feeling, register for the Grindurito. In addition to a shortened round, you can also ride without timekeeping.


On the Gravel Tour in one of the most spectacular landscapes in the Alps, four “stages” are ridden on time. The sections are usually between 5 and 15 minutes long and can have all kinds of characteristics: Uphill or downhill, on asphalt, gravel or even single trail.


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