Radfahren am Rhein


The routes have been carefully selected by us and will make every lover of alpine panoramas dream. The Grinduro Shakeup Ride is self-guided. For each stage we offer 2 different routes to choose from – they differ mainly in the meters of altitude which have to be mastered.


After a short briefing the participants are sent off together. The GPX data will be provided in advance, so you can prepare yourself properly.


On Wednesday we will start from the alpine city of Chur up the Rhine to Trun which will test the legs for the first time! We will set up camp for the night on the camping site in Trun.


On Thursday a demanding day trip from Trun to Thusis awaits. Epic panoramas, steep climbs, fast descents and lots of feelings of happiness await you. We spend the night at the campground in Thusis.


On Friday we start with a leisurely warm-up loop through  Domleschg before we tackle the crisp ascent to Lenzerheide.  The Shakeup Ride ends at the Biathlon Arena Lenzerheide.


The Program continues seamlessly with the Grinduro Event (separate registration here).


Those who do not spend the weekend at the Grinduro will be rolling back from Lenzerheide to Chur. Luggage transport to Chur will be arranged on Friday.


Departure: Friday (without grinduro) or Sunday (including grinduro).

Grinduro Shakeup Ride - Stage 1

Stage 1 – Warm-up

Wednesday, 24.06.2020 (12 h)


Tour A
Chur – Flims – Lag da Pignu  –  Trun
(70km / 2000hm)



Tour B
Chur – Flims – Ilanz – Trun
(60km / 1300hm)

Grinduro Shakeup Ride - Stage 2

Stage 2 – Queen stage

Thursday, 25.06.2020


Tour A
Trun – Obersaxen – Ilanz – Rheinschlucht – Alp Razen – Thusis
(85km / 2900hm)


Tour B
Trun – Obersaxen – Ilanz – Rheinschlucht – Bonaduz – Thusis
(73km / 1800hm)

Grinduro Shakeup Ride - Stage 3


Friday, 26.06.2020


Tour A
Thusis – Domleschg – Alter Schin – Lantsch
(51km / 1430hm)



Tour B
Thusis – Domleschg – Alter Schin – Lantsch
(30km / 980hm)

Grinduro Logo

Grinduro Race (seperate registration)


Friday, 26. 06.2020

Grinduro Prologue
Biathlonarena Lantsch



Saturday, 27.06.2020


Lenz Biathlon Arena – Albulatal – Alvaneu – Tgantieni – Lenzerheide – Lantsch Biathlon Arena
(90km / 2000hm)


Lenz Biathlon Arena – Tgantieni – Lenzerheide – Lantsch Biathlon Arena
(40km / 1000hm)


Here is your Grinduro starting point!